Who attends?

Key mining operators in 2019

Key mining decision makers in attendance in 2019

  • Aldango Gold Refinery, CEO, Rwanda
  • Black Rock Mining, Vice-President Corporate, Australia
  • Equator Gold, Managing Director, United Kingdom
  • GLENCORE, Executive Director, DRC
  • Ivanhoe Mines, Group Manager, South Africa
  • Joy & Mineral Trading Exchange, Managing Director, South Africa
  • Lindi Jumbo Ltd, Country Manager, Tanzania
  • LuNa Smelter, Managing Director, Rwanda
  • Managem Group, Executive Director Of Exploration, Morocco
  • Metalysis, CEO, Rwanda
  • Ngali Mining Ltd, Managing Director, Rwanda
  • Pacific Mines And Minerals Ltd, Managing Director, Kenya
  • Piran Resources, Managing Director, Rwanda
  • Rutongo Mines, CEO, Rwanda
  • Sizer Metals, Managing Director, India
  • Tanganyika Mining Company, CEO, Burundi
  • TechMet Limited, CEO, United Kingdom


Because juniors mining companies are mostly venture capital firms, and mainly depend on external capital to secure their finance and undertake mining operations, Africa Mining Forum is providing a platform that will provide a better understanding and availability of funds and capital to penetrate this strategic market with the participation and expertise of:
  • Private Equity
  • Hedge Funds
  • Venture Capital
  • Asset Management
  • Private Investors
  • Commodity Traders
  • Fund Manager
  • Government Investment Agency

Junior Mining Companies

Looking at the commodities on the spot light, Africa Mining Forum has identified promising projects especially in Gold, Copper and Lithium matching your stage of development:
  • Junior Exploration Companies: Developing a “green field” to Discovery & Feasibility
  • Junior Development Companies: Completing their feasibility Study to achieve the Mining Stage
  • Junior Mining Companies:  Expanding an existing operation