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A digitised mining economy to optimise investment

Building on from the success of the 2019 Mining Indaba, industry experts from across the value chain will tackle topics including the industry’s role in addressing climate change and decarbonisation and sustainability measure for investment in the next decade.

Tom Quinn, head of content at Investing in Africa’s Mining Indaba provides an overview of what delegates can expect from the 2020 programmes and gives an overview of the brand-new theme ‘Optimising growth and investment in the digitised mining economy’.

The theme for 2020 Mining Indaba is ‘Optimising growth and investment in the digitised mining economy’, can you explain why this was decided?

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TECH NEWS: Partnership to deliver blast automation

Orica and Epiroc Rock Drills will jointly develop an explosives delivery system using automation, enabling safer and more productive blasting operations in underground mines.

As mines go deeper and ore bodies become more remote, the case for blasting automation becomes clearer.

The partnership will bring together the deep expertise and experience of two global industry leaders to address the growing demand from customers mining in increasingly more hazardous and challenging underground operations through automation.

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Technological progress in geochemical services to increase effectiveness

The demand within the global geochemical services market for the mineral and mining industry is escalating on account of advancements in mining operations.

Viable extraction of minerals largely depends on geological factors such as density, pressure, and chemical composition of the extraction site.

Furthermore, mining activities require huge amounts of investment which necessitates the success of these activities.

The past decade has witnessed the legitimization of several contentious sites for mining. This factor has emerged as a forerunner to growth within the global geochemical services market for the mineral and mining industry.

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Mining in a circular economy meets stumbling blocks

Companies that take the circular economy seriously by finding creative ways to re-use the same materials will stand the test of time.

Minimising waste is already a legal requirement in South Africa (SA).  The National Waste Management Strategy advocates for the waste management hierarchy as a necessary approach towards achieving effective waste management and contributing to sustainable development. 

This principle has been carried into law under the Waste Act, placing a duty on all holders of waste to ensure that the generation of waste is avoided, or where it cannot be avoided, that it is reduced, re-used, recycled or recovered and only as a last resort treated and safely disposed of.

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Renewables open doors for energy solutions in mining

The year 2019 was the turning point for renewable energy projects at remote mines. More than a dozen projects were commissioned or announced.

Mining companies have adopted solar and wind power to reduce their energy cost and carbon footprint in a rather lengthy process.

In the last years, successful flagship projects have removed concerns about production loss and independent power producers (IPPs) have started financing solar and wind plants at remote mining sites; IPPs sell electricity to miners on a power purchase agreement (PPA) basis.

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