Become a sponsor in 2021

Why webinars?

  • Become an industry thought leader
  • Be positioned in the industry as a trusted partner in your field
  • Engage with a global virtual network in real-time without having to leave your home office—maximising contact and your time
  • Build a MQL/SQL pipeline from opt in attendees
  • Connect directly with interested and qualified potential clients


What does it entail?

  • Engage real-time with a live audience through mixed media
  • Real-time video (webcam); presentation; polls; up to five (5) downloadable items
  • Unique positioning and promotion to a targeted community based on region and sector
  • Promotional banners positioned across the website, newsletters and social media
  • Paid LinkedIn campaigns – targeted to your preferred audience type by job title and region
  • Hundreds of potential clients signing up to access your content, remember the more relevant the content the better the uptake.

What are the benefits?

  • Webinars provide flexibility and build community through content delivery and engagement.
  • Distance is not a barrier anymore as attendees can interact with presenters and ask live questions, display videos and hand out bonus digital content such as white papers, run real time polls and surveys.
  • Increased exposure and brand awareness before and after your live webinar.  
  • Recordings of the webinar can be viewed long after your online event has concluded through our on-demand (recording) function.
  • Build MQL/SQL pipelines with Virtual engagements that lead to face to face meet up’s

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