Opening keynote: The next smart move: COVID-19 recovery plan to stimulate investment into mining exploration in Africa

Monday, November 16, 2020 - 09:30 to 10:45
Swapcard - Digital Event - Day 1


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Looking at the next decade and even closer, the next 12 months, the global mining industry is facing a significant change in the way their business model operate. After questioning the resiliency of the mining sector for the last 8 months, the need to operate under a “new normal” will be vital as the pandemic brought extraordinary constraints and challenges.
The current pandemic has with no doubt, exposed some weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the supply value chain and will force miners to anticipate and mitigate price volatility and downturns in the future to encourage investors decision-making.

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Hon. Francis Gatare
CEO, Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board, Rwanda
Hubert Danso
CEO and Chairman - Africa investor, South Africa


Sheila Khama
Independent Consultant l Minerals, Oil and Gas policy advisor
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