The matchmaking platform allows you to connect with your next business partner ahead of the event. We encourage you to be part of the event today to make sure you get the opportunity to engage with the right stakeholder in time!


STEP 1 - Create your profile online

The online matchmaking platform is available 2 months prior to the event. 

Once your participation is confirmed you will be sent login details in order to gain access to the matchmaking platform.  Please make sure when you initially register to Africa Mining Forum that you use your personal email address and phone number as they are the ones use to get access to your account. 

Next, complete your online profile to become visible and get noticed by the other participants.
STEP 2 - Organise your meetings in advance
Attendees can conduct many productive meetings at Africa Mining Forum by spending time BEFORE THE EVENT to schedule one on one meetings. We advise you to do the same!

How? In your dashboard, go to “Attendees”. Filter out who you want to meet and send a meeting request. They will receive your requests in their mailbox.

When an invitee accepts your meeting request, you receive a confirmation mail and - in your personal schedule - the meeting gets the status ´confirmed´ and shows the location.
Meetings between delegates, speakers, and VIPs will take place at the dedicated matchmaking area.
If you are a sponsor or exhibitor all your meetings will take place at your stand.

If you want, you can block out in your calendar dedicated times to attend specific conference sessions or breaks. By doing so, other attendees will not be able to schedule meetings during these times
STEP 3 - Personalized matchmaking
You are not sure yet who will be the right person to meet? Let our matchmaker suggest meetings for you! Look at your dashboard for suggestions made by our personal matchmaker.
STEP 4 - The meeting - network!

You will be sent a few days before the event your comprehensive list of meetings as well as their location. It will be then over to you to enjoy a productive conversation in 30-minute meetings.
STEP 5 - Fill in the gaps

You have registered onsite or haven't had the time to organize your meetings in advance?
Liaise with our personal matchmaker onsite to see who is available to meet with you.