The hottest mining destinations in East Africa

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African Mining Forum, hosted in Rwanda in 2019, is evolving to serve its audience with the information and knowledge sharing opportunities to build greater businesses in Africa. As such, our event is evolving and will become a touchpoint that connects with our audience digitally throughout the year.
Our objective is to deliver timely, relevant and up-to-date information on what YOU need to know to build YOUR business.
Join Mining Review Africa and African Mining Forum as we start delivering you with industry connecting touchpoints right now through a series of digital sessions that closely examines the key regions in Africa: Southern, Central, East and West Africa.
Series 1 will examine what investors and key mining companies consider to be the hottest mining investment destinations in East Africa.
The region is richly endowed with mineral resources that have yet to be exploited and offer attractive investment opportunities – especially as lockdown measures to contain the pandemic are eased and the reopening of the economies continues to boost metals prices. The good news is that key regions in East Africa are home to some of the most in-demand metals and minerals, including Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia.
Join us for a live digital session where we will unpack this topic in greater detail.

Key discussion points will include:

  • Why are these regions attractive investment hot spots
  • ·Understanding the mineral wealth in these regions
  • Insight on legislation updates in Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia – what you need to know to make investment decision right now
  • Unpacking key challenges that still exist to operate in those territories
  • Role of the region as a mining investment hub for Africa
  • Key projects in these regions – successes and knowledge sharing from miners already investing in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Rwanda
Join us for Series 2, 3 and 4 as we unpack the hottest mining destinations in West Africa, Southern Africa and Central Africa over the next three months.

Brian Menell

Chairman and CEO | TechMet Ltd

Rocky Smith

CEO | Peak Resources Limited

Andrew Smith

President & CEO | East Africa Metals Inc

Marcus Courage

CEO, Africa Practice Ltd