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Fri 20 Nov 10:30 to 11:45

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Namrata Thapar
Global Head, Mining, International Finance Corporation (IFC), USA
Amb. Yasir Ibrahim Ali Mohammed
Deputy Executive Secretary, International Conference on the Great Lakes region, Burundi
Carla Clamp
Director and Expert on Governance, Risk Management, Internal Audit and Sustainability, BDO, South Africa

Presentation title

Spotlight #11: Attracting investment in the Great Lakes region in a post pandemic environment

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The Great Lakes countries are well endowed with natural resources and have one of the richest concentrations of precious minerals and metals on earth. However, the exploitation and trade of minerals are too frequently conducted illegally. In response to this, diverse regional and international efforts to break the link between smuggling and illicit exploitation of natural resources. This session will discuss the ways to set up more transparent management of natural resources and attract responsible investment for shared prosperity, durable peace and security in the Great Lakes region.

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