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Welcome to Digital Africa Mining Forum!

Welcome to Digital Africa Mining Forum!

Africa Mining Forum is a premium mining investment tool providing a unique opportunity for junior miners and investors seeking opportunities in African emerging as well as mature mining markets.
We provide a free networking and content platform for hundreds of executives eager to engage with mining companies, investors, assets managers, and government stakeholders to identify promising projects and deploy capital. In 2021 Africa Mining Forum and Mining Review Africa will engage with you, offering digital touchpoints that will help guide your African mining investment decisions from strategic live discussions, Mining Elites One-on-One, Women in Mining, Roundtables, Groups Chat, and more!




Africa Mining Forum is a premium mining investment tool providing a unique opportunity for junior miners and mid cap companies seeking investment in African emerging as well as mature mining markets.

We offer a networking platform for hundreds of executives and decisions makers eager to engage with key stakeholders, investors and assets managers to identify promising projects and deploy capital.


Because juniors mining companies are mostly venture capital firms, and mainly depend on external capital to secure their finance and undertake mining operations, Africa Mining Forum is providing a platform that will provide a better understanding and availability of funds and capital to penetrate this strategic market.
Amongst the audience, you will meet and learn from:
  • Junior Mining Companies
  • Legal and Advisory firms
  • Private Equity, Private Investors, Asset Management
  • Government Investment Agency
  • METS
  • Government bodies and public institutions


The current pandemic has definitely raised challenges when it comes to delivering content and networking in one place.
What has not changed though is our ability and willingness to connect mining professionals and raising the investment profile of strategic mining countries that will transform the industry in the region.

As the future of African mining evolves there will be a need to rethink the traditional models under which junior have been operating as exploration companies are driving a vast majority of the existing projects on the continent and have a pivotal role for the development of the mining industry in Africa.
Our objective? Deliver timely, relevant and up-to-date information focusing on the needs of junior miners related to investment, access to finance, capital raising and crisis management across Africa.


The digital engagement we are offering is the bridge that allows our customers and partners to keep “the flame alive”. It will contribute to relevant content, engagement, announcement and information that could be a game changer for the development and recovery of the junior mining industry.

Join Mining Review Africa and Africa Mining Forum as we start providing you with industry connecting touchpoints right now through a series of digital sessions that closely examines the key regions in Africa.
On the medium to long term, the forum will support the growth of potential mining countries in Southern, Central, East and West Africa and provide a unique opportunity for governments, mining companies and investors to engage on investments and financing of juniors mining projects from exploration to value addition and in return fast track the growth of the industry within the region.

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Mining Elites: One on one

Because we want to provide you with the most updated source of information and get the right temperature from the market, we have asked key CEO’s investing in strategic market in Africa to give us an insights into their journey through COVID-19:
  • What has their attention today?
  • What has COVID-19 change in their business model and the way to operate in Africa?
What advice would they give to any juniors and investors looking at African mining?

Africa Mining Report

As part of our Africa Mining Tour, we are providing monthly focused reports gravitating around East, West, Southern, and Central Africa.
Included in our past reports:
  • Regional webinar highlights
  • Expert interviews
  • White paper and articles
  • Commodities update
  • CEOs one-on-one
  • Women in Mining Podcast